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Some introduction to famous connector companies

TE Connectivity Ltd. is a multi-billion dollar global technology leader. The company's connectivity and sensor solutions are essential in today's increasingly connected world. TE collaborates with engineers to transform concepts into creations – redefining what's possible using intelligent, efficient and high-performing TE products and solutions proven in harsh environments. TE partners with customers in over 150 countries across a wide range of industries.

Molex, established in 1938, is one of the world's largest global manufacturers of interconnect products. Molex creates innovative product solutions for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board connectors, including header, backplane, terminal, telecom, ethernet, and cable, as well as application tooling. Molex's efforts to minimize the environmental impacts of business activities, products, and services are reflected in their commitment to their environment management system.

JST provides a wide variety of wiring harness connection systems designed specifically for the automotive market segment. JST differentiates itself from the rest of the field by providing connection systems that typically exceed industry standards relative to fit, form and function. JST's products can be found in every automotive system application across every OEM car line globally. By selecting a JST connection system you are guaranteeing success in every facet of your design and manufacturing process.

Hirose Electric Company specializes in the manufacture of connectors and has been a contributor to the development of the electronics sector for over 70 years. Their modest and humble business philosophy of seeking wisdom from all sources and incorporating that knowledge to maintain high quality and efficiency has earned Hirose a loyal customer base. Hirose is also committed to environmental issues in the manufacture of connectors such as coaxial connectors, FFC / FPC connectors, and single and double row connectors.

Delphi Connection Systems is a world leader in supplying vehicle electric and electronic distribution systems, with an unsurpassed reputation in the design, development, and manufacture of electrical and electronic connection systems and devices. For more than 100 years, Delphi has focused on providing greater product performance and driving tomorrow's technology. Packard Electric was acquired by Delphi Connection Systems in 1995.

Yazaki Corporation is an independent automotive component maker founded in 1941. As well as automotive wire harnesses, our core product for which we command a top share in the global market, we develop and manufacture meters, electronic components and a host of other products for automotive use.

Sumitomo Wiring Systems plays a part in creating a prosperous society with superior technologies and product quality.
From automotive wiring harnesses, our core business, to electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle components, electronic components and more, we offer products that meet the needs of the age.

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